Raspberry Pi 3 creator hopes for Windows10 support

Considering running Windows 10 on a new ASUS Pentium chipped laptop is frustrating, I can’t imagine many users will be satisfied “trying” to run Microsoft’s latest OS on a Raspberry Pi? It might be fun to try, but very annoying in practice. Raspberry Pi started off as a hobbyist device and can now function as… Read More »

Samsung announced their speedy new UFS flash storage

So your single board computer needs more flash storage and faster speeds? Samsung’s new UFS may be just the ticket. Compared to the MicroSD, the UFS has sequential read speeds of up to 530 megabytes per second, and that is five times faster than its ‘predecessor’ card type. Samsung’s example: with UFS, reading a 5GB… Read More »

UK Raspberry Pi computer maker to be Swiss

Premier Farnell was bought by Datwyler Holding in a deal offering 165p per share – 51 per cent more than Monday’s closing price of 109.3p per share. Source: Raspberry Pi computer maker Premier Farnell bought by Datwyler Holding

Vintage sound from a Raspberry Pi media player

The Raspberry Pi is used for a variety of projects and a large number of them have to do with media and sound. It is no surprise that someone has figured out how to add a “tube” for that vintage sound. What’s next, a CRT monitor? Makezine article The project, called the 503HTA, packs a… Read More »

The Raspberry Pi 3 overheated and stopped working

The Raspberry Pi 3 acting as the American Pi Apache server may have over heated last week.  I detected a slow and steady rise in processor temperatures near the time it flickered the monitor on  and off three times before it gave up the ghost (solid red light only); it was over 70 degrees Celsius… Read More »