Intel is banking on fast storage for growth

The latest Intel Optane data storage may be the next big advance for servers and PCs if this is the next chip technology. I’m not sure about power requirements, but perhaps it will make its way in to mobile devices?

A cherry sized Omega2 Linux computer

Still a couple days left to back this project on Kickstarter … lots of expansion options. … Billed as the world’s smallest Linux server, complete with built-in Wi-Fi, the Omega2 is perfect for building simple computers or the web connected project of your dreams. The tiny machine is roughly the size of a cherry, before… Read More »

AmericanPi(ne) updated to WordPress 4.6 Pepper

A bunch of updates on all the WordPress sites today … including the Raspberry Pi3 currently running AmericanPi(ne) and the Pine64+ running So far all the themes and plugins (including Comet Cache) are running smoothly.

The Pine64 Linux OS microserver is up and running

Nothing earth-shattering, but WordPress is up and running (not efficiently like the RPi3 yet) on the new Pine64 Linux based LAMP microserver. There is some tweaking needed before starting the and database project … or even putting content on the device … for that I’ll wait until it is stable. One plus compared… Read More »

The Raspberry Pi 3 is running hotter than it should

Once again, the little Raspberry Pi 3 is running hotter than optimal for long life and performance. I’m adding the small heatsinks as with the first Pi3 which eventually failed to boot — exchanged under warranty BUT it was running consistently hot.  I have purposely monitored and kept the case open (saves a few degrees)… Read More »

Raspberry Pi 3 creator hopes for Windows10 support

Considering running Windows 10 on a new ASUS Pentium chipped laptop is frustrating, I can’t imagine many users will be satisfied “trying” to run Microsoft’s latest OS on a Raspberry Pi? It might be fun to try, but very annoying in practice. Raspberry Pi started off as a hobbyist device and can now function as… Read More »